Life is very uncertain and unpredictable. That is why different kinds of organizations offer a variety of insurance plans. One of them is health insurance. Health insurance covers many aspects like cancer, accidents, and many other health issues. Due to the diversity of insurance companies, people often get confused about different insurance plans.

But do not worry. In this write-up, we will discuss in detail health insurance for employers in Massachusetts. In the end, you will get a clear idea about group health insurance quotes as well.

Why Is Health Insurance Important?

Here are some reasons you should invest in a good, reasonable group health insurance quote.

  • Prevention of long-term health problems

If you have a health insurance plan, there is a high chance that you will acquire the prevention of long-term health problems. Along with health problems, unexpected emergencies or attacks like angina can come your way. So, backing up with a group health insurance quote, you can reverse a significant issue.

  • Financial assistance

The least health insurance can help you is to reduce your financial burden. In private hospitals, a severe health ailment or an accident can vanish all your savings. In this unfavorable condition, health insurance will always be there.

  •  Additional advantages

Health insurance will include all your major/minor surgeries, medicines, vaccines, or a simple checkup. But it is highly subjective from one company policy to another.

  • Benefits of tax deductions

In some states, payment for health insurance premiums is eligible for tax deductions. It is general information, but you can always check different packages according to your budget.

  • Changing lifestyle

After the covid-19 pandemic, there will always be a risk of potential patients at your workplace. Also, due to a sedentary lifestyle, people are always susceptible to some sorts of diseases.


As there are many health insurance plans out there, you need to know a few checkpoints before starting the actual process of getting group health insurance quotes.

  • Firstly, you need to analyze if you need a group plan or individual projects.
  • Before choosing a plan, you need to know the exact details about the treatment and cure.
  • The type of health plan also depends upon the deductible you have.
  • You should even know about the health conditions of the people in your family or workplace. If they are in sound health, you can always have low premium coverage.

Health and Dental Plan Options 

The small business health insurance plan in Mark Feldman insurance company offers lower premiums due to large memberships. You can buy the coverage directly through Mark Feldman’s insurance. Below is a description of different aspects of the insurance policy.

Small Business Health Insurance

While looking for health insurance coverages, your focus should be entirely on the employer’s needs. Getting a group health insurance quote will indirectly help your business grow. Your business should comprise at least two employers with a limit of up to 50 employees. I have mentioned a few advantages of group health insurance plans for your convenience.

  • It covers more people at minimum cost.
  • It offers a tax credit after eligibility.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Insurance will still be yours in case you change the job.

Small-Group Dental Insurance

You can separately purchase dental coverage if you want. These are very affordable and include various dental checkups like cleaning, scaling, fillings, root canal, etc.

Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit

Certain Massachusetts small businesses are eligible for federal tax credits that will cover up to 50% of an employer’s costs.


Mark Feldman Insurance Company deals with the insurance matters of small businesses, helping them create more profits. You will get phenomenal customer service and effortless procedures for your group health insurance quotes.

We are bound to provide you the best services which include.

  • Carrier participation
  • Broker assistance
  • Flexible plans for employers
  • Peace of mind.
  • Wellness rebates
  • Competitive premiums