Massachusetts Health Connector for Small Businesses

Health and Dental Plan Options for Your Business

Mark Feldman Insurance represents The Massachusetts Health Connector for small businesses, and we believe that it is a great place for businesses like yours, to buy affordable health and dental insurance for your company. At the Health Connector for Business?via the new Group Market Exchange?Mark Feldman Insurance helps employers and their employees to shop, compare, and choose the right health insurance plans.

You can buy coverage through the Health Connector directly through Mark Feldman Insurance. We never charge membership fees for small businesses that use Mark Feldman Insurance as the source for your group coverage.

Benefits for Employers

It?s Easy

Mark Feldman Insurance can help you manage and create a plan for your business. We’ll provide options that allow you to compare all available Massachusetts plans using the online platform. Once you decide the plan option for your company, we help you enroll your employees.

It?s Flexible

With help from Mark Feldman Insurance, you can select a plan that best reflects the needs of your company as a whole. Some options allow you to select from a range of plans to best meet your needs.

It?s affordable and makes costs predictable

Mark Feldman Insurance can help you set a ?reference? plan by plan level or by carrier and see how much it will cost per month to offer coverage. Your employees have the option of selecting from a variety of plans that allows them to best manage their health care costs over the year.

Health Insurance for Self Employed

If you work for yourself, finding a great health plan can be a big headache. Since there is no simple? solution, I can help you find decent coverage at a manageable price.

We work with all the health insurance providers in Massachusetts and will provide you detailed quotes? and coverage details. I understand the importance of keeping your current doctors and hospitals, so I? make sure the plans I offer are going to work for you in your situation.

Finding health insurance that makes sense is what I do. Let’s set up a time to talk and determine which? plans will meet your needs.

Small Group Dental Insurance

Small businesses with 2 to 50 employees can purchase dental insurance along with their small business health insurance ma. You do not have to purchase health insurance if you are only looking to add dental coverage. There is no minimum participation rate and you do not have to contribute to your employee?s premiums for dental plans.

The premier family enhanced dental plans we offer through Delta Dental are accepted by all dentists in? Massachusetts and are very affordable. Individual monthly plans start at $14.00 per month and include? coverage for the following benefits:

    • Comprehensive Evaluation
    • Periodic Oral Exam
    • Full Mouth, Bitewing, and Single Tooth X-Rays
    • Teeth Cleaning
    • Fluoride Treatments
    • Fillings
    • Classification: Personal
    • Crowns
    • Extractions
    • Periodontal Surgery
    • Root Canal
    • Bridge and Denture
    • Medically Necessary Orthodonture

Looking to lower your group health insurance premiums?