Group Health Insurance Massachusetts

Group Health Insurance Massachusetts

What is Group Health Insurance?

Massachusetts residents that are employed at small businesses with less than 50 employees are often covered on their employer’s group health insurance plan for their health insurance. Employers offering group health insurance to their employees usually include a portion of this coverage as a portion of their compensation.

Group health insurance applies to policies that include all full-time employees and, in some cases, part-time and outside consultants that work for the same small business. Individual health insurance plans cover a person that does not qualify for a group health plan.

Who’s Able to Join a Group Health Plan?

Any employee of a business that offers group plans can either enroll in the plan or sign a waiver to be excluded from coverage. Pricing for the employees is only based on the age of the employee, their dependents if any and the zip-code of their home residence. There are no medical questions for health insurance groups or individuals in Massachusetts.

The employer of the business decides the percentage of the monthly premium they will cover for each full-time employee (usually work a minimum of 33 hours per week) and if they will contribute towards any dependents the employee might have.

How Much will the employer pay for small group health insurance?

Most Massachusetts health insurance companies require the small business owner to offer all of their employees the same quality of coverage and to pay a specific percentage of their premiums. The employer can decide on the minimum hours required to be included in the plan and can chose to cover the employees spouse and children at a certain percentage.

What is the minimum percentage of the employees premium the employer has to pay?

The full-time employee of the small business will have to pay a minimum of 50% of the monthly premium for their portion of the group health pln.

The employer can determine when a new employee can be offered access to the group health plan – this is called the enrollment waiting period and can start either the date of employment, 30, 60, or 90 days after the date of employment.

Example Percentage:


50% or more


33% or more


33% or more


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